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A Red Carpet Hire can enhance an entrance to your Wedding, School Formal, Debutante Ball, Hollywood Party, Models Catwalk, Party, Work Function, or any special event in Melbourne

Our Carpets are in immaculate condition. We hire various colours including black, white, purple, blue and pink carpets… Why not hire matching chrome stanchions with red or black ropes.


Prices Include G.S.T.

Weekday Hires – Pickup 9:30am – 9:00pm and return the following day by 6:00pm

Weekend Hires – Pickup Friday 9:30am – 9:00pm and return by Monday 6:00pm.

3.6m Red Carpet – $65 per carpet

5m Red Carpet – $75 per carpet

7m Red Carpet – $105 per carpet

10m Red Carpet – $135 per carpet

11m Red Carpet – $145 per carpet

Stanchions / Bollards – Classic Chrome or Gold with Red, White or Black Ropes

$150.00 per set of 6

Ask for a price for our other range of coloured carpets, pink, blue, gold, white, black, purple, etc

Delivery Fee (if required) POA


An equivalent of the total cost of the hire (excluding delivery charges) is to be held as Bond to be paid in advance upon the hire of the carpet and/or stanchions and to be refunded when the carpet is returned in a clean condition

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card details must be provided for all bonds.

2.5% will be charged for all credit card payments.

Extra Days

$10.00 per day for 2.5m – 5m carpets, $20.00 for 6m-11m (must be notified prior to end of the booked hire period)

Late Fee (if not booked in advance)

2.5m – 5.5m Carpets $25.00 per carpet per day and is charged in addition to the Extra Days Charges. This will be deducted from the Bond when the Carpet is returned.

6.0m -11m Carpets $50.00 per carpet per day and is charged in addition to the Extra Days Charges. This will be deducted from the Bond when the Carpet is returned.


$50.00 per 2.5m – 5.5m carpet, $80.00 per 6m-11m carpet. Laundry fee is charged where the carpet is not returned in a clean, dry and smoke-free condition as you have received. Fees will be deducted from the Bond/Credit Card when the Carpet is inspected upon return.

Carpet Wet Fee

Returned wet carpet -$180.00 fee regardless of size will be charged plus a cleaning fee per item returned wet. The accounts will be sent out accordingly.

Damaged Stanchions

Damaged stanchions – $250.00 per stanchion and $95 per missing/damaged rope..

Unreturned Hires

All unreturned hires will be reported to the police.

Outstanding Charges

Any additional charges incured by Glamour Walk to recover outstanding charges not paid as per the agreed trading terms will also be oncharged.